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    How to make yourself a little bit more Brazilian?

    Many girls nowadays ask this question to themselves and google. And no, this question not about learning Portuguese language or dances for carnival. Of course this is about Brazilian butt, which is so popular now. And 30 day squat challenge wil help with it.   Set a goal Goal is restore glutes and thighs muscles tone and make shapes more curves. How to do it?   Program Let’s talk about what kind of exercises this program includes and technique, which provides the best results. Of course squat is not a rocket-science at all, but anyway many people do them not clear and suffering because of absence of results.   Usual…

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  • Lifestyle

    How to say “GoodBye” to things annoying you

    Nowadays many of us have disturbed work-life balance and it’s a sadly fact. Of course there is a hope that next year will be easier, but it not. Anyway, anyone needs to be healthy and attractive, cause it influence mood, self-confidence and results.   Who is the Enemy? Time spent in front of the computer monitor, at office, at pub with friends decreases activity. Right at this time The Enemy wakes up and his name is Excess Weight.   How to defeat the Enemy? No need to be a military strategist to cope with this task. The answer is fitness. And with understanding the situation with busy everyday schedule, we…

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    Lifehacks on how to make plank challenge more effective.

    The only thing, that can guarantee any results regarding fitness is system and discipline. This explains growing popularity of different fitness challenges, that group people in one aim – to follow instructions together and share achievements. An example of well-known challenges is plank challenge: easy to follow formally, have no requirements to move and obvious effective. Before dealing with physical exercises, please pay attention on 4 basic rules (and research for other, if necessary):   Check contraindications.   Backaches, some old traumas and list of other issues can be a serios reason to wait till the next time, otherwise consequences can be unpredictable.   Be disciplined.   Don’t miss any…

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  • Sport

    Six pack in 30 days, is it real?

    Hey men, how many times did you hear from your soulmate likes six pack/flat tummy? Of course you’ve heard that your tummy is cute, but let’s be realistic. What if I tell your belly can become like washboard in a month, would you accept 30 days’ ab challenge and go through all steps with me? Step 1 – healthy meal plan Right food gives us 80% of the result! In google you can find many different advises and examples of such meal plan, my favorite is – calorie deficit plan. Especially because it fits perfect for our challenge. Within 30 days’ ab’s challenge you need to burn more calories than…

  • Travel

    4 steps to comfortable trip to everywhere

    There are set of rules to follow to be in safe before/in/after travelling and don’t have undesirable surprises. Below is represented basic to-do list, that will be helpful in case of already chosen place to go.   Make necessary preparations:   Make research. If it is a first trip to the location make a research what is allowed and permitted there, what are rules, ethics and legislation. That’ll safe from troubles. Find taxi number, numbers of emergency and policy. Just in case. Documents. Make early booking for tickets in both ends. Ensure hotel or other accommodation is booked. Check visa, passport and insurance are valid Make a list of things…

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    The Negotiation Tactics Every Entrepreneur Must Master

    Do you want to leverage nearly everything in your favor? The world would certainly be your oyster if everyone agreed with you. Luckily for entrepreneurs, honing key negotiation tactics will allow you to get the outcomes you want. Negotiation is absolutely an art form that takes time and practice to perfect. Skipping over negotiation tactics as an entrepreneur could be a costly mistake to the innovative idea you have developed into a reality. “Entrepreneurship requires convincing others—your startup co-founders, angel investors, venture capitalists, employees, and potential business partners—to commit their knowledge, time, reputation, expertise, and money to your idea,” suggests Lawrence Susskind of MIT Technology Review. Do you want to cultivate meaningful…

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  • Tech

    Top Reasons To Choose iPhone Over Android

    Are you tired of your current phone or need to up your game concerning the phone you use? When it comes to buying a smartphone you are faced with a myriad of choices. Then comes the difficulty of choosing sides in this big bad war between Android and iPhone. Comparing the 2018 Android and iPhone devices, we conclude that opting to buy an iPhone is the right choice for you. Here, we make a comparison of the devices with iOS 11 and Android 8. Buckle up and enjoy, you will look for online paraphrasing service, afterward. • Greater Speed We all love a fast and sure way of doing things. The…

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    Developing A Cost Efficient 3D Website

    After the decision of a company to launch a website, it searches for all different ways and methods to get the website developed in a limited budget while getting it made altogether with high-end features and the most user-friendly content available. They have to investigate and learn from their competitors and make a site that not only challenges them but, also leaves a professional impact on their customers. A website is essential for all companies and organizations, since the beginning of online marketing and the rate of how it expanded. An online presence via a website or a social media page is the fastest way for a company to spread…

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    7 Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs

    Bored reading about the latest technology and market trends? If yes, then now let’s shift to the business world. Business is the most complex term in the world, a word that is liaison with the dominance of the male. However, in this man-powered sector, certain women are paving their way to the top. Entrepreneurship is the domain that has allowed women to own some of the largest businesses in the world. Women are embracing entrepreneurship and are refining the power and broadly scaling new heights in it. Among these brave women, seven women have been highlighted for you to get inspiration and see how they have conquered all the obstacles…