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    How to say “GoodBye” to things annoying you

    Nowadays many of us have disturbed work-life balance and it’s a sadly fact. Of course there is a hope that next year will be easier, but it not. Anyway, anyone needs to be healthy and attractive, cause it influence mood, self-confidence and results.   Who is the Enemy? Time spent in front of the computer monitor, at office, at pub with friends decreases activity. Right at this time The Enemy wakes up and his name is Excess Weight.   How to defeat the Enemy? No need to be a military strategist to cope with this task. The answer is fitness. And with understanding the situation with busy everyday schedule, we…

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    7 Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs

    Bored reading about the latest technology and market trends? If yes, then now let’s shift to the business world. Business is the most complex term in the world, a word that is liaison with the dominance of the male. However, in this man-powered sector, certain women are paving their way to the top. Entrepreneurship is the domain that has allowed women to own some of the largest businesses in the world. Women are embracing entrepreneurship and are refining the power and broadly scaling new heights in it. Among these brave women, seven women have been highlighted for you to get inspiration and see how they have conquered all the obstacles…