How to say “GoodBye” to things annoying you

Nowadays many of us have disturbed work-life balance and it’s a sadly fact. Of course there is a hope that next year will be easier, but it not. Anyway, anyone needs to be healthy and attractive, cause it influence mood, self-confidence and results.


Who is the Enemy?

Time spent in front of the computer monitor, at office, at pub with friends decreases activity. Right at this time The Enemy wakes up and his name is Excess Weight.


How to defeat the Enemy?

No need to be a military strategist to cope with this task. The answer is fitness. And with understanding the situation with busy everyday schedule, we need special weapon against Enemy. SO let’s test it by 30 day fitness challenge.


Step one – early morning

Drink a glass of warm water, better with a slice of lemon. It helps to run the metabolism in the morning and make body ready for further activity.


Step two – thorough warm up

Spend as much time as needed to warm the body up good enough to not get an unnecessary injury. Start from neck at goe down:

– head turns;

– rotation by shoulders, elbows, tassels;

– body rotation and tilts;

– rotation of the feet;

– several slow full squats.


Step three – the best exercise for home fitness ever

The founded in 1939 and named after the creator – Royal H. Burpee. This exercise affects almost all the muscles of the body and is a good cardio workout.



  1. Standing position – stay straight
  2. Sitting position – squat down and put hand on the floor by sides of your feet
  3. Plank position – jump both feet back to get in plank position
  4. Push up – touch the floor by chest
  5. Sitting position – jump the feet back in toward the hands
  6. Jump – as high as it possible


And all these 6 steps together are called 1 burpee.


Now let’s make the program for 30 days:

  • day 1-4 – 15 burpees
  • day 5 – rest
  • day 6-9 – 20 burpees
  • day 10 – rest
  • day 11-14 – 25 burpees
  • day 26 – rest
  • day 27-30 – 30 burpees


Couple days after – feeling of proud from victory over Enemy will come. Probably the Enemy would be injured, but not defeated, so challenge could be and mist be repeated. Because the results are worth of it: feeling heathier, backache and headache gone and digestion will be improved and all of this attracts so much to become a habit.

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