Six pack in 30 days, is it real?

Hey men, how many times did you hear from your soulmate likes six pack/flat tummy? Of course you’ve heard that your tummy is cute, but let’s be realistic. What if I tell your belly can become like washboard in a month, would you accept 30 days’ ab challenge and go through all steps with me?

Step 1 – healthy meal plan

Right food gives us 80% of the result! In google you can find many different advises and examples of such meal plan, my favorite is – calorie deficit plan. Especially because it fits perfect for our challenge.

Within 30 days’ ab’s challenge you need to burn more calories than you eat. For example, burn 2.500, but eat only 2.000. Energy deficit of 500-1000 calories per day causes weight loss.

Step 1.1. Change cakes on fresh fruits and burger on vegetables,

Step 1.2. Look what to eat low-fat meat like chicken breast, various cereals are better than ribeye steak.

Step 1.3. Drink water in 15 minutes before meal and do not drink it 40 minutes after.


Step 2 – ab exercises

With burning calories will help our next step – ab exercises.

Note 1: number of sets and reps are only a half of the deal, right technique is a base for results and health.

Note 2: challenge program consists of working and lazy days, so that your muscle fibers can recover.

Note 3: Every working day you will need to do 4 simple exercises, but do it in the right way:


Sub step 2.1. Usual crunch.

Lay down with hands on the back of head and bent in 90-degree angle legs. Lift body of the ground to sitting position and bring it back.


Sub step 2.2. Legs lift.

Pose is same like in 2.1, but legs are straight. Lift them of the ground to 90 degrees and bring back.


Sub step 2.3. Super crunch.

Combination of previous two exercises. Lay down like in 2.3, lift body and legs of the ground at the same time and touch knees by shoulders.


Sub step 2.4. Plank.

Stand in forearms and feet holding all the body straight as a plank.

Don’t forget to breathe deeply, because muscles need oxygen. Do every exercise slowly, no body jerks and with clean technique with using ab muscles only.

Let’s start with 30 reps of 1-3 exercise and 30 seconds of plank at the first cycle and will add 5 more reps and seconds every first working day of the new cycle.


30 days’ ab’s challenge will not take off all the fat…from the first time, but from the second or third it will. If you hold out all the challenge it will be the first step to body from your dreams, not only attractive, but strong and healthy.