4 steps to comfortable trip to everywhere

There are set of rules to follow to be in safe before/in/after travelling and don’t have undesirable surprises. Below is represented basic to-do list, that will be helpful in case of already chosen place to go.


Make necessary preparations:


  • Make research.

If it is a first trip to the location make a research what is allowed and permitted there, what are rules, ethics and legislation. That’ll safe from troubles.

Find taxi number, numbers of emergency and policy. Just in case.

  • Documents.

Make early booking for tickets in both ends. Ensure hotel or other accommodation is booked.

Check visa, passport and insurance are valid

  • Make a list of things to buy.

Some trips require specific equipment, clothes and some specific outfit. This point is about comfort in a trip to have everything required by traveler.



Things to take:


  • First aid kid.

Put there drugs from allergy, headache and stomach. Don’t forget for bandage and antiseptic.

  • Tickets and documents.

Make a reminder for tickets, passport/visa/any other documents have to be in a baggage

  • Clothes.

It’s nothing to comment except one tip: take warm clothes. The weather is the most unpredictable thing in a world.

  • Other stuff.

It is hard to predict what exactly maybe needed in a trip due to its variety. For example, check sub block, mosquito cream, favorite book, etc. are in the bag.





  • Utilities.

Make sure water, electricity cables and other stuff is turned off. Utilize all food from refrigerator, so it will not expire and spoil the air in a living-place.

  • Signaling.

Ensure security system is appropriately working before left and at moment of leaving.

  • Neighbors and relatives

Notify relatives about place and dates are planned for vacation. In the worst case help for will come faster.


Most of travelers are full of emotions after trip, but have empty personal energy battery, so care out of it and prepare to return bed with clean sheets, clothes for next working days and something for your per, if applicable, who missed so much.

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